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Space Colony Alert Bulletin! The Necromonads are at it again!! Colonists must in a orderly fashion proceed to the nearest shelter while the highly trained star pilot provides cover. Inspired by Williams classic "Defender" with a twist. Captured colonists become infected and spread it to others. stop the Necromonads infection invasion now!

-Blistering Arcade Action
-Keyboard or Joystick Control
-Lasers, and yes that's right, Bombs!
-Multiple Enemy types
-Space Zombies


Each level of Necromonads consists of a number of Colonists and Infection shelters that they try to run to. The Necromonads will attempt to capture and infect the colonists. They does this by abducting them and bringing them to the top of the screen and drop them infected. Once infected the spit virus bile to nearby colonists causing the infection to spread. Your job as Star Pilot is to stop the Necros long enough for the colonists to get to the shelters, Moving to the next level occurs when more then 50% of the remaining colonists are safe in the shelter. The Necros will send various different forms after you to stop you as you progress.


The game was designed in a weekend to see if I could do something like a old arcade cabinet game, and in super short time frame, I was inspired recently by Jeff Minter's Minotaur project games on mobile. Please note the screenshots are being compressed by the Steam Client. I am working on making the game widescreen and to add a two player function. I welcome any ideas folks may have to share.


Bombs can change Colonists Direction
Bombs can unfreeze frighted Colonists not moving
Crystal Barriers can be helpful

Keyboard or Joypad

Arrow Keys / Analog to steer
Z / Button 1 to shoot beam
X / Button 2 to shoot Bombs




Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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