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 The Royal Xnights of the Xingdom defend the realm by use of the four towers. Each tower protecting one the corners of the land. The evil Ork Captain coveting these lands for himself is always scheming against the Xnights to capture the Towers to turn them against them.

 Late one night when the youngest of the Xnights, Sir Xandor, was supposed to be guarding the tower keys fell asleep. Always watchful and waiting for the right moment the Ork Captain snuck by the sleeping guardian and snatched up the keys. Sir Xandor awakens to find the keys missing and Towers in the control of the Orks.

 Help Sir Xandor reclaim control of each Tower in this Tic Tac Toe RPG hybrid. Battling your way to the top of each tower and defeating the Ork Captain’s four Lieutenants.


 Player moves across dungeon by connecting three (Tic Tac Toe) squares together, Direction you move in is determined in the last move’s direction from starting square to landing square in 8 directions. Each move you make will be followed by a move from the Ork forces whom will begin to occupy squares around you.

 Reach the stairs in each dungeon floor to climb to the next level. Make sure to watch your health and keep the enemy Ork forces from getting three enemies in row or your mission will be short lived.

 Collect coins and gems scattered throughout the dungeon, allowing you to buy items of use to aid Xandor in his quest like Potions, weapons, and magic sigils.

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