Glorious Combat in Space - A How To (Part 2)

Let’s dive deeper into the mechanics of space-based combat in Noble Armada: Lost Worlds. In Part 1 we discussed targeting ranges. Those vary depending on ship type in combination with House type. Weapon type is another aspect to keep in mind when targeting enemy vessels. Each ship comes standard with slug guns (similar to modern rail guns). These weapons fire large metal masses at high velocity and create massive kinetic damage upon impact. The slug gun represents the middle of the road in weapons systems when considering range, damage and accuracy.

Other weapons systems create variations in this formula. For instance, the laser fires an intense beam of coherent light. Distance reduces its impact, as both the dust of space and the very nature of light causes it to lose coherency as it travels. Thus, although it creates a lot of damage, you have to be close to the target to have any impact.

Sometimes weapons systems also provide strategic differences as well. Weapons like the slug gun deliver a base amount of damage when they hit. The laser is a sustained beam. The closer to the target, the more damage it does. You want to stay close, even though this means you fall victim to your enemy’s own guns.

So players need to be mindful about the configurations they place on a specific vessel. Each weapon system has pros and cons that change in combination with the vessel they are mounted on.

Another thing we are looking to do is to add more strategy with interesting gameplay opportunities players can exploit to their advantage. One such strategy is targeting derelict and destroyed vessels. A ship’s targeting system has varying degrees of limits but limits all the same. You may end up with one enemy ship that just remains out of reach. One technique a salty captain can use is to target a destroyed vessel in range. If she can line up her vessel, the derelict ship and the target ship in a line, she can use the destroyed ship to telegraph her shot.

We hope to embed more “tricks” like this in the game, For instance, you can currently use your slug cannon fire to eliminate incoming slug cannon fire with a well-timed shot. Slug cannon fire that impacts each other between exchanges is destroyed in transit.  If you can think of other interesting ways to improve gameplay, let us know on our Kickstarter comments section.

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