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Hi Clickteam,

Are you interested in releasing it on Steam? We would like to help you publish it. Just don't know what you think and how to contact you.


Very nice game i love the style!

Thank you!

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I'm Almir Paulo, a professional translator (and more).

I translate many kinds of contents, including games, to my native tongue: Portuguese (one of the top 10 language in the world, spoken in Brazil, Portugal, and some African countries).

I have translated the game Satan's Pepper, for example. You can check it in my portfolio.

Please, email me so we can talk more on how I can help you!

-Almir Paulo

We will keep it in mind. 

The key is for steam to activate? I bought it and not sure why the key does not work with steam!

You need to download the installer, copy the key. and then run the installer. The game is not on Steam. This is a standalone version!

Hello, Hello.

We're Mimir Translations and we're looking for a game to translate into our domestic language, German. Would you be interested in our services? Check out our bio on here to learn more and find out who to contact for further information.



Hey Clickteam, I like your game idea, do you have plans to release this game on mobile platforms?

Perhaps, We did already release it on Switch, Xbox series is next. 


To anyone looking to purchase this on because they don't like DRM, be warned, this game requires a registration code which has an unclear purpose that I can only assume is a type of DRM.


Yes you need you use the key sent to you with your purchase to install the game.


So you want to be able to copy the game and pirate it?


What an ignorant take.


Why so salty about what is basically a serial key?


I don't think I'm particularly salty, I just don't like DRM for what I consider to be good reasons. I'm not mad the game has it, I'm just trying to warn anyone else who similarly prefers to not pay money for a product made lesser by the inclusion of DRM. Anyone who doesn't care can still purchase the game, and it's not my problem. As for why I don't like it, it's because there's no information on how the mechanism to enforce the serial key works, and the only way I can think of that makes any kind of sense is to have the installer/game code reach out to a server to verify that it's correct. Which means that there's likely an external dependency that, if it goes down, will impact my ability to use the product I paid for. Which I don't like. I also dislike DRM in principle, because it doesn't solve the "problem" of piracy it's supposedly meant to solve while often having negative impact for paying customers, which is usually at least the risk of eventually losing access to the thing they paid for, but also includes limiting the ability to install on multiple devices/transferring to new devices, sometimes impacting performance, and in the worst cases installing rootkits that create security vulnerabilities.

Were you able to activate the game without an internet connection? Asking as I also dislike DRM.

Full game is now available!

Is the demo no longer available?

Hello everyone!

Hope everyone is keeping well during these difficult times!

I wanted to showcase this game I managed to discover on a Facebook group that promotes indie games I never stumbled around here on it even though I spend lots of time searching always for games.  I am not used to playing platformer because I sometimes feel that they are not my style I like a story this one is awesome and delivers. I had a blast and so much fun playing this game.

It starts in the most epic ways and I can't wait to hear your thoughts. The purpose of my channel on youtube (Smallgamespromoter) is to try and promote indie games.

Thank you for reading my post and have a good evening or weekend.

See you at the next one!

Hey i would like to try this game out in the Itch launcher because it looks interesting but to do that you would need to mark the download per system (Windows 64, etc.) 

Would this be a possibility? Thank you for the attention :)

I believe I just did let me know if it works!

Yup it worked! Thank you very much! :)

Good luck with the kickstarter!

Great game!! Keep up the amazing work!!

Thanks a lot!

That toad is a menace. I bet its crown isn't even gold. :) 


Hahahaha! Who knows?!

How long is this demo?

It should take around 1 hour