Kisguri you !%&#ING idiot!

Deep Dungeon launched yesterday it's first playtest and well it went horribly wrong. Listen kids make sure to either package all your external files internally OR make sure you don't have external files!

To create the awesome dungeon level coloring we are using the "Color Mixer" shader on one layer of the game frame as well on a few UI display objects so it will fit together, The problem is I used a external file "color.txt" to load the color palettes into a list object so that using the parser object we can pull out the colors and assign them to the effect parameters. I had always planned to move them internally to the list object but got so caught up with other things I failed to do so!

Please find a new EXE attached that corrects this problem! My apologizes!

Files 6 MB
Mar 25, 2023

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Its all good its all good, I was trying the game last night, I did noticed I could not see until I press the color button, I wanted to wait cuz these things happen,

I remember when I made my 1st Android game in fusion and the HTML5 version was busted and my connection dropped for a bit and I was in FULL PANIC MODE.

Now that the build is fixed I'll give it ago and feedback. Things happen and you're quick to address these.